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you think your ready for all of this?

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did i waste your time
yes you did
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no you didnt
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i already new all of this
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i found a better way but im not sharing
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Let The Truth Be Told

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:25 am    Post subject: you think your ready for all of this? Reply with quote

so your about to make a clan think this over.

-what type of clan are you making
-are you active on the forum
-are you active in the game
-how many friends do you have in the game
-are your friends in other clans
-what kind of person are you
-will you throw your members under the bus or back them up until the end
-are you willing to share the power or are you power hungry
-do you stand behind your words

ok the first thing first what type of clan are you making? what i mean is what kind of players are you looking to accept in your clan
that can go from skill players to alright players, active players, and hidden players.
if you want skilled players then you are going to need skills cause good players like to be around other players on their level.
if you want alright players then how good do you want them cause depening on what you can gather in your first batch of members
will set your clan skill level.

Arrow being active on the forum and in the game is a plus for players looking in joining your clan. if your not active then how will you meet the potential member.

before you think of making a clan figure out if you have friends in the game if you dont then find some and or be cool with everyone.
being friends with people helps you get better cause you are playing along side them and making each other laugh.
friends wont try to enter your clan under a hidden accounts out of respect if they do then up to you how it pans out.

what type of leader will you be when you make your clan. as member of warfare inc. you should feel obgilated to report cheaters
Arrow if you are a leader you might be faced with a fork in the road to report or not to report thats a question you need to make up before you make rules in your clan.
if you dont agree with your members cheating you need to stop it or leak the information to the admins.

as leader you need to stand by your word. rules are not ment to be broken if you break them then come out and say it if a member breaks the rules make sure they
know it wont be tolerated.

if you still want to make a clan after all of that then go head its not that hard running a clan.

as long as you ready for members leaving for no reason
or find them joining another clan under a different account
if your ready for members taking a long break from the game and not telling you they are to busy
having members join and not follow the rules of the clan

being a leader of a clan is cool when the dust settles. Arrow after you get your members and you figured out what they are good at and how much they are willing to go for
the clan and how much you can trust each member. i should know cause i ran three successful clans and 2 of them i created. even though their is no trace of them.
the members and players will remember what happened. i cant go into anymore details about my clans but message me and ill write up everything we did.

Arrow ill leave you with this all members have loyalty and all put their trust in the leader. so you need to figure how much you can push them before they break thats all
about leadership and how you talk with them and not to them. yeah they can lie at anytime but you need to figure out why and if its going hurt the "clan".

Things I'm proud of...
Making clans a cool idea
Creating outlanders and boss clan
being leader of viet pride.
Being the second highest poster on this forum.
Write many strategy.
Helping people and making people laugh.
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