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Beat this level in a couple minutes...

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2004 11:11 pm    Post subject: Beat this level in a couple minutes... Reply with quote

It IS a very annoying level before you figure it out. Once you do, it can be beaten in just a couple minutes Very Happy . Follow this strategy:

First off, where things are located...near the North Western corner is a vehicle factory, galaxite warehouse, and power generator surrounded by a wall. All the way down near the South Western corner is a galaxite processing plant. Got it?

You start out in the North Western corner, with 8 raiders and one man with a gun. The gun guy is important not only because you lose if he gets killed, but he provides protection for what you're trying to do...this part has to be done quickly...

Okay, drag your stylus over the entire group, and move them south (stay along the west edge of the screen), until you're near the entrance to the Vehicle/warehouse/generator buildings. Now select only the gun guy, and you're gonna move him NOT inside the wall, but along the outside, near the Vehicle factory. The reason is, there's an eagle tank and some little men protecting the three buildings inside. When you move the gun guy to the wall, he automatically takes out the tank and the little men.

After you do that, move the gun guy to right BEHIND the galaxite warehouse, and try to keep him there. This is to give him cover while he's shooting at the Radical coming from the East. He'll move from behind the Warehouse if a lot of Radicals come, but try to move him back to the spot.
Once you have the gun guy in place, order 3 of you raiders to take the 3 buildings.

Order a 4th raider to go SOUTH to take the galaxite plant at the bottom, while the gun guy is holding off the radicals up north.

While your raider is walking south to the plant, you'll see a second power generator sitting there inside a wall. IGNORE that. If you try to take that, you'll elert a group of Radicals, and you'll be killed. Trust me, I know from experience Very Happy.

When you get down to the plant, try not to elert the yellow tank sitting there, and take over the plant JUST AS the bullpup goes inside! This (along with the captured warehouse up north) should bring your funds up to around $3000.

At this point, the gun guy up north should still be holding off the radicals. If he's killed, you'll have to start over. But he should be okay, IF you kept him behind the warehouse instead of out in the open.

Now that you have $3000, order about 4 Broadswords, and 3 Eagles. Make sure you order the Broadswords FIRST. The Eagles will easily be destroyed by the oncoming Radical troops. Once the tanks start coming out of the factory, you can bring the gun guy AND your remaining raiders out from behind the warehouse to fight with the tanks.

The radicals will retake the Galaxite plant down south (and eliminate your funds), but the point wasn't to perminantly control the plant. Just hold it long enough to build your small force up north. You should be able to create the 4 Broadswords and 3 Eagles before the radicals retake the plant.

IF the Radicals destroyed too many of your tank force, start over. But if you have at least 5, 6, or better yet all 7 of the tanks, it's time to seek and destroy Very Happy! You want to take your tank force (with the gun guy AND some raiders taking up the rear) Eastward to the Radical base. You want to go out the entrance guarded by the missile tower. The important thing is to attack the missile tower as a GROUP. If you try to take the tower out with only one tank, you'll lose a tank. Drag your stylus over the ENTIRE group, and order them to the tower! That missile tower can be reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds if it's bombarded by all the tanks and the gun dude from the rear.

Once you get out that exit, you'll see a human resource center. Ignore it. Another wave of radicals will come, but you should handle that easily by attacking them as a GROUP. Once you take care of that, keep heading east, and you'll see the Radical's base, surrounded by walls. There's a Missile tower and a gun tower guarding the entrance. Drag your stylus over your entire group, and take out the missile tower FIRST, then the gun tower. As you move toward the base, you might be aproached by some little men, and a couple Eagles. While you're fighting them, order one of your Raiders to take the Radical's base! He'll take it before the Radical forces can wipe out your tanks!

Long explanation, but all this takes a couple minutes!
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 9:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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