Full-out Real Time Strategy in the Palm of your Hand!

Warfare Incorporated is set in a future ruled by super corporations engaged in no-holds-barred competition for the resources of the galaxy. The action centers around the newly discovered planet Icarus with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien relics. Players take the role of a junior executive at the underdog ACME Exploration Corporation, discoverer of Icarus, and work their way up the corporate ladder by demonstrating their strategic and tactical skills in a campaign of increasingly challenging missions. Early missions concentrate on resource gathering and combat with ACME's chief rival OMNI Industries and as the game develops other factions and the power of the alien technologies come into play.


  • Fully touch optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, and PocketPC!
  • Play single player and multiplayer!
  • 22 unit and structure types, 2 alien landscapes
  • 41 built-in single and multiplayer missions
  • 350+ add-on single and multiplayer missions
  • Integrated Add-On Mission Pack download (iPhone / iPod Touch)
  • Online multiplayer with lobby, game rooms, player chat
  • Full mission editor - create and publish your own missions
  • Stunning graphics
  • 4 channel audio

Exciting Single Player Story Campaign

Warfare Incorporated has rich support for single player play. A compelling story campaign starts you off on a 14 mission quest on the planet Icarus. Follow this with 5 individual challenge missions, and hundreds of player created add-on missions! You can even create your own mission with the PC based Mission Editor, and share it with all other Warfare Incorporated players.

Non-stop Multiplayer Action!

Match your skills with thousands of other Warfare Incorporated players, by playing online multiplayer! This exciting feature allows you to play other players across the internet, so you can play from just about anywhere. Playing with other players brings all players a whole new game play experience. Among the many multiplayer missions are traditional player against player, and co-op missions. Play any of the 21 built-in missions or the many add-on missions. You can also build and share multiplayer missions with the PC based Mission Editor.

Endless Top-notch Add-On Mission Packs

Enjoy even more challenge from hundreds of Add-On Mission Packs for virtually unlimited game play. Add-On Mission Packs are packs of user-authored missions. The iPhone and iPod Touch version has integrated Add-On MIssion Pack download right from within the game so you can download new mission packs quickly and be right back in the game. Or, try your hand at authoring your own add-on missions, using the Warfare Incorporated Mission Editor. Mission authors have at their command, all the art, unit types, mission logic, and other in-game assets that were used for the original story missions. Once your add-on mission pack is ready to share, you can publish it on Mission Sharing forum, and it will be made available to all Warfare Incorporated players.

Multiple Device Support

Warfare Incorporated runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, and PocketPC devices.