Experience Warfare Incorporated, the critically acclaimed and best selling mobile real time strategy (RTS) game of all time!!! Build your forces to defend and control the newly discovered planet Icarus, with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien artifacts.


  • Fully touch optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, and PocketPC!
  • Play single player and multiplayer!
  • 22 unit and structure types, 2 alien landscapes
  • 41 built-in single and multiplayer missions
  • 350+ add-on single and multiplayer missions
  • Online multiplayer with lobby, game rooms, player chat
  • Leaderboard, game history, and player statistics
  • Full PC based mission editor - create and publish your own missions!


  • "Best Strategy Game of the Year" - PDArcade
  • "Best Strategy Game of the Year" - PalmGear
  • "Best Strategy Game Award" - TecnoPalm
  • "Powered Up Game of Year" - PalmSource
... and more!


  • "This is a game you won't be able to put down" -- Handheld Computing magazine
  • "Final score: PERFECT 10" -- PDArcade.com
  • "If you enjoy RTS games, I strongly recommend Warfare." -- The Gadgeteer
  • "If you're an RTS fan: go buy it now..." - PocketPCLife
  • "5 stars just aren't enough..." - anonymous customer
  • "Warfare Incorporated is quite simply great fun to play" - PDAGold
... and many more!