Handheld Computing - Best Product 2003

PDArcade - Best Strategy Game 2003

Palm Powered Up 2004 Game of the Year

Palm Magazine - First Prize, Games Category, 2003

TecnoPalm - Best Strategy Game Award

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PocketPC Magazine - Best Strategy Game Finalist 2004

SmartPhone & PocketPC Magazine
Best Strategy Game Finalist 2006


Daniel Goldsmith

This is an awesome game! I think this is the best palm game I have ever played in the 3 or 4 years I have owned PDA! I know this game will provide many hours or maybe even years of enjoyment! I would give this game 10 stars if I could.

Matthew Mokrzycki

Brilliant!!!... I only ever used my Palm for Work but after discovering warfare I now have at least one program for leisure. Excelent Graphic and Sound and I love the expandability throught mission packs, great job... Can't wait for Warfare Inc 2!

Sam Fisher

I can't believe you can play this game on a Palm. One of the best games I have played on any computer...period!

Mike Garwood! WOW! I've never seen such detail go into a game! The problem with palm these days is all the games are absolute pants with no thought gone into them. This is different. This is what palm gaming is all about!

Jimmy Yuen

No need to talk! Just get it!! Can play a whole day without a break. It makes me throw away all other games except this. Clear & details graphics, easy control operation.

Peter McDermott

A great game that has kept me entertained for hours at a time. Definitely worth buying. Can't wait for an expansion pack!

Michael Stella

This is by far the best game I have ever played on my Palm. It rivals Starcraft in its strategy and replayability. The graphics are supurb (for a palm) and the story is captivating. I hope there is an expansion pack or new version entirely.

Mark amos

Best game for palm... PERIOD! Great graphics, changelling levels, tanks! Highly recommended.

D Wilson

This game is EXCELLENT. I'm not a strategy game player, but this game has me hooked. I have just about complete all of the missions, and looking forward to the next update. Well worth the money.

Iqbal Rai

This game will blow your mind! I didn't think that it would even be possible to have a Palm game with digitized speech, explosions, gunfire, screaming from troops, or any of the other things we take for granted in the best of PC games! Take my word for it, just buy it! There are no games I've seen that can even compare. On HiRes, this might as well be a full-sized computer. That is how it seems! BUY IT! Why aren't other developers thinking like these guys?!

Greg Polymenakos

Not since Red Alert have i had so much fun with a strategy game. This is the best strategy game out there by far for palm pilots. I hope they come out with more updates. Warning: Highly Addictive.

Jon Johnson

This game is amazing on my zodiac. I love the graphics, sound and everything in this game. And the best thing about it is that i can play it anywhere.

Ricardo Ramos

Excellent graphics! By far the most impressive program on my Tungsten T3. The adaptation to horizontal wide screen is almost like playing on a PC. I highly recommend this game to anyone operating a high res Palm PDA.

L. Shelton

This game is really awesome. Like many others I need to charge my T/C daily because of heavy use. Graphics are superb and the sound is clear. The ability to load saved positions and try alternatives is fantastic. Great Job!

Michael Toll

This has to be one of the most addictive games I've ever had for my PDA. On Sony's UX-50, it's graphics and sound are breath-taking. A MUST!!!!!

Steve Guzman

All I can say is... If your Clie doesn't have enough memory... Upgrade. This game is worth it. This has got to be the best game ever released on a PDA. Worth every penny!

Victor G.

Incredible Game!!! I am impressed playing this awesome game on my Tungsten C. Since I installed it I need to charge palmīs batterie daily LOL :)

Gabe Cheek

Wow!!! I really can't say anymore!!! A desktop game finally makes it to the palm. I know I'll waste many hours with this one! Wow...

Doug Howell

This game ROCKS and then some!! Truly a heart-stopping experience playing this game and seeing what my measly Palm IIIc is capable of. Finally something truly exciting to play on my Palm. ... Great sounds, gameplay, and graphics. This game has it all!

James Thompson

All I can say is WOW! This game looks stunning and plays great on my Palm IIIc. The sounds from the game are fantastic....actual voices and gunfire, not the usual beeps. Simply amazing!!!

Randy Jones

This game is the total package, it has superb graphics with attention to detail, sound that will knock your socks off, controls that are simple and intuitive to use, options that allow you to tailor the game to a pace that is comfortable for you and is extremely replayable. I can easily say that Warfare Incorporated will be the Game of the Year for 2003, it is simply that good.